Monday, August 23, 2010

Top 100 Hard Rock (1965 - 2008)


A National Acrobat (Black Sabbath)
Ace Of Spades (Motorhead)
Action (The Sweet)
Alien Nation (Scorpions)
All Because Of You (Geordie)
All Lovers Are Deranged (David Gilmo
Alright, Alright, Alright (Mungo Jerry)
Asche Zu Asche (Rammstein)
Battery (Head Machine)
Blockbuster (The Sweet)
Blood Red Sandman (Lordi)
Breaking The Law (Judas Priest)
Broken Down Angel (Nazareth)
Circle Of Life (Firewind)
Come Together (Aerosmith)
Communication Breakdown (Led Zeppelin)
Cum On Feel The Noize (Slade)
Dallas 1 PM (Saxon)
Desire (Ozzy Osbourne)
Digging The Grave (Faith No More)
Electric Lady (Geordie)
Fire In The Hole (Lordi)
Fox On The Run (The Sweet)
Gimme All Your Lovin' (ZZ Top)
Gudbuy T'Jane (Slade)
Gypsy (Live) (Uriah Heep)
Hair Of The Dog (Nazareth)
Head Up Hight (Firewind)
Hells Bells (AC!DC)
Heroes Of Our Time (Dragon Force)
Hey Tonight (C.C.R.)
Highway To Hell (AC!DC)
Hilf Mir (Rammstein)
Hold On Tight (E.L.O)
House Of Fire (Alice Cooper)
House On The Rising Sun (Geordie)
Hungry For Heaven (Dio)
I Believe In Miracles (Ramones) 
I Wanna Rock (Twisted Sister)
I Was Made For Lovin' You (Kiss)
I'll Cry For You (Europe)
I'm On Fire (Saxon)
Iron Man (Black Sabbath)
Killing The Dragon (Dio)
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Live) (Guns n´ Roses)
Livin' Ain't No Crime (Helloween)
Lookin' Out My Back Door (C.C.R.)
Love Song (Korn)
Master Of Puppets (Metallica)
Money For Nothing (Dire Straits)
Nostradamus (Judas Priest)
Numb (Linkin Park)
Over The Hills And Far Away (Led Zeppelin)
Overnight Sensation (Motorhead)
Paint It Black (Rolling Stones)
Photograph (Nickelback)
Planet Of Woman (ZZ Top)
Poison (Alice Cooper)
Postmortem (Slayer)
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) (Offspring)
Prince Charming (Metallica)
Pushing Me Away (Linkin Park)
Rebel Yell (Billy Idol)
Rock & Roll Is King (E.L.O.)
Rock And Roll (Led Zeppelin)
Rock And Roll All Nite (Kiss)
Rock 'n' Roll High School (Ramones)
Rock The Night (Europe)
Rock You Like A Hurricane (Scorpions)
Rocket (Def Leppard)
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath)
Shadow On The Wall (Mike Oldfield)
Shadows Of The Night (Pat Benatar)
Shapes Of things (Nazareth)
Shotgun Divorce (Lordi)
Sidewalk Surfin (Ramones)
Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me (Slade)
Stargazers (Nightwish)
Step Out Of Hell (Helloween)
Teenage Rampage (The Sweet)
The Beast (Twisted Sister)
The Kids Aren't Alright (Offspring)
The Last Journey Home (Dragon Force)
The Pharaoh Sails To Orion (Nightwish)
The Six Teens (The Sweet)
This Flight Tonight (Nazareth)
This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us (Sparks)
Tomorrow And Tonight (Kiss)
Too Late Too Late (Motorhead)
Tornado Of Souls (Megadeth)
United (Judas Priest)
Victim Of Fate (Helloween)
We Came Here To Rock (Saxon)
We're Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister)
Wherever I May Roam (Metallica)
White Wedding (Billy Idol)
Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin)
Why Don't You Get A Job (Offspring)
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (B.T.O.)
You Lookin' At Me Lookin' At You (Ozzy Osbourne)

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